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Luke's Profile

Luke Goodwin is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Physiotherapist and Start-Up Motivator.

Luke, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, has in a short period of time established himself as a very successful small business owner and, through the launch of his GripSox® product, now has an international presence.

Luke was only 24 when he set up his first business- a Physiotherapy practice. He expanded his business a couple of years later by setting up a brand new Clinical Pilates exercise studio. This has now been further expanded into a popular Health & Wellness Centre in Melbourne.

In 2005 Luke launched on to the market his self-designed GripSox® product. These clinically trialled non slip safety socks have now been used by over 120 hospitals and nursing homes for falls prevention and are sold by over 200 retailers in more than 10 different countries worldwide.

It has been Luke's entrepreneurial traits like passion, determination, vision and perserverance that have seen him establish several successful businesses in the healthcare industry.


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GripSox® is the world's leading form of independently clinically triallednon slip grip socks and in only a short period of time has quickly established itself as an internationally recognized brand.